In contrast to Dobbins intimate tribute to his father

Patrick Graves series Figures? employs the use of found objects: old wood, window frames and family photographs plastic mould, combined with fine woods, fluorescent lighting, and beeswax. In contrast to Dobbins intimate tribute to his father, these works express a more fragmented relationship with Graves patriarchs; a remoteness is conveyed by the depictions of faded and crumpled photographs of his father and grandfathers. I was reminded of the paintings of local artist Pam Cobb, in the way in which the artifacts appear to be the last precious link with ancestry, the use of which seems to serve as an act of reconciliation..

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kitchenware James Wood High School is now conducting its annual fundraiser selling Value Cards (discount cards) to local restaurants and fast food sites. The cards are $10 each and are valid until Feb. 1, 2018. Enjoy having someone who actually grows the trees and knows how old they are. Usually a standard 7 foot tree is about 8 or more years old. That the typical cycle we have for Christmas trees, but the 14 foot ones are about 20 years old, Ferlan said kitchenware.