Wash that gray out of your hair? More women are saying

I am right there with her. Decades ago, when a special occasion meant I’d go to the dress department at Bloomingdale’s, buy something black and then stop in the shoe department for a pair of high heeled sandals, I remember just assuming my feet would hurt for the evening. In the days after, I would deal with my throbbing foot hangover..

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6; Jonny Two Bags, Scott H. Biram Prada Bags Replica Cheap Prada, Jesse Dalton Cheap Prada, Nov. 7; July Talk Cheap Prada, Little Hurricane, Nov. Wash that gray out of your hair? More women are saying, way! According to L nearly half of women older than 40 are no longer hitting the bottle. Besides being profoundly liberating (no more pesky roots!), going gray makes a statement of supreme confidence: This is who I am, and I proud of my natural beauty. Gray hair can also look fabulous: Think Meryl Streep chic silver cut in The Devil Wears Prada.

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