The city of Lhasa, which is located in the southern TP,

These isotope based source apportionment results confirm previous suggestions that BC aerosols from the IGP can be transported to the Himalayas38,39 Replica Designer Handbags,40 and even further to the southern Tibetan Plateau19,41. The city of Lhasa, which is located in the southern TP, exhibits a relatively depleted 14C BC signal (that is, reflecting a larger fossil fuel contribution) and is instead similar to that commonly found in East Asia (Supplementary Table 4). We suggest that the fuel structure of Lhasa is similar to that of urban areas across China21,42,43,44..

In remote areas weaving and selling bags is one of the only ways to make a buck,but without a sustainable market, sales often depend on the whim of tourists andthere are precious few of those in places like Goroka. In the patrilinial societies whichabound here “they don’t allow divorce and there are serious and endemic problemswith domestic violence,” says Sherman. “Rape is frighteningly common.

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