Sorry, no they can’t and the investment in vehicles made by B

When Isaac enters a room with a single heart remaining, he will urinate on the floor in fear. Most boss fights leave the room dripping with blood and entrails. You will find many horrible things in the dungeons below Isaac house. DON’T wear bow ties without a tux. DO wear cotton ties in the summer. DON’T wear novelty ties.

There seems to be this illusion among people that buses can run themselves without being paid for. Sorry, no they can’t and the investment in vehicles made by B H over the years in new vehicles has been excellent. I’d rather ride in a nice shiny new bus than an old squashed lemon!Whatever happens, you can guarantee that you will get the same old rhetoric about monopolies and high fares and other spouted rubbish from all those uneducated morons on here who haven’t seen the inside of a bus in years let alone paid to go on one..

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