Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by brief interruptions

LAS CRUCES In a game where it seemed like who had the ball last would win, Centennial’s defense came up with the big stops when it needed them.Down 27 14 and 34 20 early in the second quarter, the Hawks and Hobbs went into halftime tied at 34 34. But Centennial’s defense held the Eagles to just seven points in the second half to beat Hobbs 54 41 Friday night at the Field of the Dreams in the Hawks’ District 3 6A debut.The Hawks’ secondary struggled to defend the Eagles’ passing attack in the first half, giving up 242 yards through the air in the opening half. Centennial made some adjustments, going from zone to man in the secondary and held the Eagles scoreless for the final 21 minutes of the game.”We’re kind of bend, but don’t break,” Hawks coach Aaron Ocampo said about his team’s defense.

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