Nearly half of Ohio schools would lose money next year under a

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Canada Goose online NEWARK Heath City Schools Superintendent Trevor Thomas was happy to see the district would get a 5 percent increase in state funding next year.But he knows that money might not actually make it to the district as the budget proposed by Gov. John Kasich has to make it through the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate first.”We just always learn to be cautiously optimistic at best,” he said.The same goes for Newark City Schools, which would also see a 5 percent increase in state money.But while Heath and Newark are seeing increases, not all school districts are as lucky.Nearly half of Ohio schools would lose money next year under a plan released Friday by Gov. John Kasich’s office Canada Goose Sale, designed to give less money to schools whose student populations are shrinking.Schools that lost more than 5 percent of their student bodies from 2011 to 2016, such as Lakewood Local Schools and Northridge Local Schools, could see a cut under Kasich’s plan Canada Goose online.