I assume we’ll hit up Pike Place Market for Herculean salmon

Before I get any more nuggets of wisdom, we have shopping to do in Seattle before our 10 day excursion to Los Angeles. I assume we’ll hit up Pike Place Market for Herculean salmon steaks and ripe grapes, but no. Instead we go to low lit restaurant suppliers and Costco.

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We flounce around, idle and restless. Some of us are in Helene’s room. Through boredom, we plan outrageous adventures: simple, impossible. They cheer for each other. It started during the region and state tournament last year. We’ve been training together all year.”.

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Our intent was to clean up the ministries and restart them as soon as practical, under Iraqi control. My assignment was the Ministry of Youth and Sport along with any other sports functions. These would seem to represent innocent and nonpolitical activities.

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