As she spoke, her words a rapid fire summation of the previous

The drug bust is the biggest crack cocaine haul in the city’s history Replica Handbags, police said.The illegal drugs were found in a motel room at the Quality Inn on West Broad Street, where officers from the Waynesboro Police Department’s Special Operations Division and the United States Marshal Service were executing a search warrant.The suspect in the drug case remains at large and has been connected to a Staunton shooting suspect, a press release stated.Police said the suspected cocaine was in the process of “being cooked” and bagged for individual sale. Along with the narcotics, there was was an extensive pile of evidence associated with the packaging and trafficking of cocaine, police said. Officers confiscated several sets of digital scales, cooking dishes, plastic bags, baking soda and $5,400 in cash.Police said they initially went to the motel in search of Shaquan S.

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