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Red Bottom Shoes Gary Herbert told the AP that physicians should try to get directions from the attorney general office if they don understand how to follow the law.Dan Burton, a spokesman for the attorney general office, said that the office does not “specifically regulate doctors in Utah.”He suggested asking Utah Department of Health but the spokesman for that agency, Tom Hudachko, said it had no guidance for the doctors because the law “didn task us with doing that.”Sixteen states ban abortions starting at about 20 weeks, according to Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that supports abortion rights. Utah allows such procedures, but last year passed the first law in the nation to require anesthesia or painkillers for fetuses after 20 weeks.Montana lawmakers passed a similar law in 2015 requiring fetal anesthesia before surgeries, including abortions, performed after 20 or more weeks of gestation, but its Democratic governor vetoed the measure.The Utah law has no definition of legal fetal anesthetics or whether doctors have complied if women receive anesthesia or painkillers during abortions with those drugs passing to the fetus.Burton said the attorney general office is unaware of any investigations into doctors for alleged violations. He said any violations would probably be punishable by fines of up to $750.The Republican lawmaker who sponsored the legislation, Sen Red Bottom Shoes.