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I asked Jacques Chirac and (Brigitte) Bardot, Franoise Hardy, Catherine Deneuve, Claudia Cardinale, (Francois) Mitterrand, Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Luc Godard for just a couple of lines to say what he meant to them and to France. Mitterrand said: “We’ve lost our Beaudelaire.” I was on a mission to let people know that there was a lot more to Serge than one “dirty song” or burning a 500 franc note on the telly. Now 22 years on and after more than 1,000 concerts all around the world people seem to have got the message but I still want to sing his songs and for people to understand him more..

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The Iceland plant, which will take about two years to build and create about 450 full time jobs, will cost about a third less to build than an equivalent polysilicon facility, Ms. Jester said. Silicor metallurgical process also uses about a third of the energy to produce a kilogram of silicon Replica Hermes Birkin, even as it benefits from Iceland cheap geothermal generated electricity..

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