“There has been a big gap ever since he closed Frank Simoes

Nicky Butt was the joker. The mixture of personalities helped. No one ever fell out. As I mentioned earlier, what was a pretty motley and demotivated crew of players under Craig Levein is now playing like a real team under Gordon Strachan. The Scotland manager has a clear football philosophy and style of play, built on a solid back four with two sitting midfielders and three attackers supporting a lone frontman. It gives the team plenty of cover in defence while allowing them to break with pace on the counter and offer a threat up front.

It is also a cheap way to keep kids off the streets, said Jose Garcia, a hardwood floor contractor who runs the United Nations Soccer League at Valley Plaza Park in North Hollywood. The league has grown to 2,000 kids in two years. “One ball is good for 20 kids,” he said..

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