The earliest paper or cardboard credit cards were issued by

As you know if you watch Men, back in the 1960s American office workers routinely pounded down tumblers of booze at 10:30 in the morning. Yet during that same era, America was able to (1) land men on the Moon, and (2) produce groundbreaking TV commercials such as the one where a rabbit tries to steal Trix cereal from kids because it has, quote, fruit colors. We think not.So let’s say that, for whatever perfectly legitimate reason, you or somebody on your holiday gift list would like to conceal 8 ounces of liquid on your person in an office environment.

silicone mould Last year, when Colt was five, he was helping Jim Hunt, our decorator in chief, put up the creche. In the process, one of the wise men fell to earth and broke his neck. Fortunately, Grandpa was able to put the head back on in an almost completely invisible fashion. silicone mould

kitchenware Tickets $15 in advance, $18 at the door. Stories, songs and activities for children up to age 6 with family. Free play and socialization with toys, blocks, balls and more. A: Credit cards, metal charge plates, phone cards and other similar collectibles that replace money are now part of the numismatic collecting hobby. The earliest paper or cardboard credit cards were issued by airline and gasoline companies in the 1920s. Early and rare charge plates and credit cards can sell for hundreds of dollars. kitchenware

fondant tools The dishes are bright and clean and pleasantly spiced. While there are main courses, two can dine well sharing a half dozen small plates. Try porpia savoey (mushrooms, chicken, onion, potato, corn, carrot and glass noodles wrapped in a thin pancake and deep fried), tom kah gai (chicken in coconut milk soup with lemon juice, chile, mushroom and galangal) and gang kua gung (shrimp curry in coconut milk). fondant tools

cake decorations supplier Ages 2 6. 250 Jordan Road, Troy. At the Steinmetz Homes Community Room, 120 Emmons Street, Schenectady. Ginger has about 300 collections of collections of things. And the Easter material is just one of them. Well, what they done is put together for Eater us a combination of a few of the collections. cake decorations supplier

bakeware factory Being the Berkeley hipsters that we are, stocking up on some textiles is always a good idea. This pop up shop is located in San Francisco, and it is open only in December. It sells many Southeast Asian goods, such as scarves, wall hangings and ethnic clothing. bakeware factory

plastic mould Her fugias, milk cream and walnut drops are her best bet. Her customers vouch for her salted tongues, sorpotel and vindaloo. My age meeting deadlines is difficult sometimes, so my daughter helps me out whenever required silicone mould, says Pereira. Background information: Last year the Chamber sponsored its first. It proved to be successful and we will be doing it again the first weekend in October. We have been approached by several antique shop owners and asked about sponsoring an event for antiques that is similar to. plastic mould

baking tools Tornado SteakhouseHenry Doane wisely left alone the dated and rustic dcor he inherited from the previous tenant, Crandall’s, a legendary Madison supper club. However, he took food and service to a new level. To be sure, the juicy steaks, crispy hash browns and big wedge salads are as good as any in the city, but for something really special, try the coquille’s Saint Jacques or sauted walleye with white wine and shallots baking tools.