Posey is terrified enough of the poltergeist friendly environs

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In reflection of the star power of the Gala, of fashion as a whole and specifically of Wintour, an entire documentary has been filmed devoted to the preparations of last year’s Gala. Tied to the exhibition “China: Through The Looking Glass” which, with 815,992 visitors, became the most popular in the Costume Institute’s history (and the fifth most visited exhibition at the entire Metropolitan Museum) the feature film is devised along the lines of the successful 2009 offering The September Issue, charting the inner workings of both Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum in preparation for the Gala. Directed by Andrew Rossi and titled “The First Monday In May”, it opened the Tribeca Film Festival in April, and is released in the UK come September.

Replica Prada Bags The tombstone apparently was already there when her landlord bought the house 12 years ago, but he never got curious enough to do anything about it. Posey is terrified enough of the poltergeist friendly environs that she no longer wants to use the yard. And considering that local police are planning on bringing sonar equipment to check a total of seven mysterious grave size mounds in her yard for remains, we can’t say we really blame her.. Replica Prada Bags

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