The father of Ives or Evi Bellangee was shot during the dragonades of Louis XIV, and his wife and children fled for refuge to the caves and forests of their native province where they were concealed for several months until they were able to escape with others, most likely to Dover. (2) This was a time of terrible internal conflict in France. Calvinist doctrine had spread and the reformed, or Huguenots, were being persecuted for their belief. cheap nfl jerseys The Catholic king was determined to wipe out the “heresy” and ordered the military to send troops in to lodge in the homes of the Huguenots in the provinces of Poitou and Limousin. The soldier, thus billeted, indulged in such terrorist excesses that even the king disapprovedand finally called a halt to the practice. (3)

A valuable tract of LAND, in Great Egg Harbour Township, Gloucester County, containing 75 acres, most part bears a large burthen of fresh grass, and has been mowed many years, lying on Great Egg Harbour river, has a fine stream for a furnace; there is on said land, a large quantity of Iron ore, near three quarters of a mile long, and between 30 and 40 rods wide, but how deep unknown, having dug a considerable depth, without coming to the bottom; the ore has been tried and found to be as rich and good as in any in the Jerseys. It is a very convenient place for a tavern, as it lies on the road from Philadelphia to Egg Harbor. Any person inclining to purchase said land, by applying to the subscriber, living in said township, may be informed of the terms of the sale.