“It’s amazing,” Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas said

He made a lot of plays.”Pryor bailed out the Browns, who were forced to start rookie quarterback Cody Kessler after Robert Griffin III and Josh McCown got hurt in the season’s first two weeks.Browns coach Hue Jackson designed several packages to utilize Pryor’s unique skillset. He took 14 snaps behind center, caught eight passes as Kessler’s primary target and had the Dolphins’ heads swimming every time he left the huddle.No. 11 seemed to be everywhere.With Pryor in the wildcat formation, Jackson pulled Kessler off the field rather than leave the young QB in as a decoy that the Dolphins would have probably ignored anyway.[See also Pryor blasts Andrews for bragging]Pryor’s ability to run and pass kept Miami’s defense off balance and allowed the Browns to break off several big plays.But his physical performance, Pryor impressed teammates by handling the responsibilities of multiple positions.”It’s amazing,” Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas said.

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