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SPRING HIT: The Wolverines have a replacement picked for John Navarre in Matt Gutierrez. He can”t possibly be as reviled in Ann Arbor as Navarre, who was booed despite a string of successful seasons and was drafted by the NFL. Coaches are trying to make folks think that there is still a battle at quarterback between Gutierrez and Clayton Richard, but the job belongs to Gutierrez.

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The crowd expected another special from Yuvraj, and he didn’t disappoint, slogging the spinners and punishing full tosses from the seamers. A low full toss from Andre Russell disappeared over deep midwicket Cheap Jerseys from china, and the following ball only just cleared the rope, when the fielder back pedalled over the rope. Yuvraj reached his fifty with a six over long on, and for the fourth time in as many games, made it worthwhile for the spectators..

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