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Last Saturday, the city fire and police departments gave a presentation to the city council, outlining their finances and operations in comparison to four other localities in Virginia with similar size and population. One statistic that popped out to the city council was the number of emergency calls fire trucks responded to. Of the 1,681 emergency calls last year, 1,544 fell into the EMS or Other categories..

You’re tanned and healthy and living way past average life expectancy. You’ve got a defined benefit pension plan from a large company or government that was created years ago when people didn’t understand how horribly these plans can go wrong and now can’t afford to meet its liabilities, but you don’t care as long as you get your check which you don’t really need anyway. And your social security check.

Bill is survived by his wife, Judith Ann Kampfe; daughters, Page Ann Dine and husband Steve Dine and his daughter, Tina Dine Taylor and Kendall Ann Roberts; and granddaughter, Aspen Ann Roberts. He is also survived by his siblings, Harriet Kokjer, Ken Kampfe cheap celine bags, and DeMaris Jarrett. Bill is preceded in death by his sister, Betty Phelps and brother, Darryl Kampfe.

Jenna decided to leave college replica celine handbags, and her family, and move to Vancouver. She scraped out a meager existence playing at open mic nights. She signed with Chris Smith Management in Canada (that helped launch the genius of Nelly Furtado which Jenna is uniquely in the style of), and spent the next year writing and recording with hit makers ranging from Babyface to Max Martin; of Pink, Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, Celine Dion fame.

We got back home we did not know what we had done,” said Gilkie. “People were waiting on us at the airport (as) soon as we landed in Lansing. The coach said, ‘Do you guys see what going on out there? Thousands and thousands (of) people waiting to receive us.’ MSU team had instant fame.

The latest statistics from the Louisiana Department of Corrections from June 2013 show there are 1,372 people serving sentences over marijuana possession charges.”We still have the mentality to put them in jail, lock them up and throw away the key. We incarcerate more persons per thousand than anywhere in the world, in Louisiana,” said Rep. Honor.If the bill clears this session, it would be put on the November 2016 ballot, which is the presidential election, so he’s hoping the issue gets a lot of the young voters out as well.The 2015 regular legislative session will start on April 13.FIRST ALERT TRAFFIC: Roadway incidents for Wednesday, May 3FIRST ALERT TRAFFIC: Roadway incidents for Wednesday, May 3(Source: WAFB)Roadway incidents for Wednesday, May 3Roadway incidents for Wednesday, May 3Report: Deputy faces ‘multiple surgeries’ after getting punched in the face by suspectReport: Deputy faces ‘multiple surgeries’ after getting punched in the face by suspectUpdated: Wednesday, May 3 2017 7:06 AM EDT2017 05 03 11:06:12 GMTA sheriff deputy is facing several surgeries after getting sucker punched by a suspect Tuesday morning, according to court documents.