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Sad day. You not gonna find a finer man than Nelson Maeda. Look at all the years of hard work he has given Castle. On Wednesday, leaders at the GOP state partysuggested they may not help Republicans who oppose the bill in the next election cycle.”It’s a good day for New Hampshire,” said Rich Gulla, who heads the largest union of state employees. “We’re ready to get down to business now that this is behind us.”Greg Moore, a proponent of right to workwho heads the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity, said the vote is a setback, but not the end.”I have experienced first hand the right to work wars here in New Hampshire, sowe get ready for the next one,” he said.The Republican led House voted to killthe union targetedlegislation Thursday afternoon, ending weeks of high charged debate. While many expected a close vote, the final tally was much wider, at200 177.

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